Prescriptions are the gateway drugs for too many addicts!!

“Nearly 60 Doctors, Other Medical Workers Charged in Federal Opioid Sting.”

“Woman lost 2 sons in one night to opioids; fighting the crisis is now her life’s work.”

“The leading pathway to the opiate crisis is the legitimate prescription.” -Dr. Christian Proulx

A lot of people might think that because a drug is a pharmaceutical, developed by a “legitimate” company for “legitimate” purposes, that it’s relatively harmless. None of us are thinking our script for painkillers, from the dentist following a root canal, will lead to drug addiction, and yet this is all too often the case. For very many of us our first experience with alcohol is at home. Maybe we were offered wine for a special occasion, to make a toast or signify a blessing during a religious ceremony. Maybe we tasted our parent’s beer during a family gathering or watching a sports event. Well, just as drinking most often begins at home so does drug use.

My first experience with alcohol was a disaster. Me and my best girl friends all collected the top inch from each bottle in our parent’s bar, hoping of course that they wouldn’t notice, pooled it, divided it, plugged our noses and guzzled. We woke up some hours later with Shelley’s older brother hovering over us. Needless to say, we were a mess, too awful to describe. Today I know that we were lucky to have survived alcohol poisoning. First experiences with drugs, often begin the same way. Opioid painkillers, antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, ADD & ADHD meds, and sleeping pills are common stored in medicine cabinets within easy reach.

Most upsetting, is number of prescriptions, routinely handed out, for drugs that are likely to produce changes in brain chemistry that trigger addiction. The pursuit of wealth has inspired drug manufactures to behave in ways that are honestly unbelievable. Drugs have been designed to be addictive to create a market. As if this wasn’t as despicable as can be, new drugs were created to “help” with the addiction that are as problematic as the original. Sadly, our society has provided an environment where corporations have been able to maximize profits very often at the expense of the consumers they claim to benefit. Responsibility is spread so thin that it ceases to exist in any practical terms.

Until recently the addict, and those that love and care for them, have been assigned all the blame. There was no recourse, and very little help. As facts are now becoming known perceptions are changing and some of these companies are finally facing criminal charges for the crisis they’ve created. Mental health treatments of all kinds are unfairly undervalued and underfunded. Much of society remains uninterested and ignorant when it comes to mental health. In a society that monetizes most everything, especially success, there is little motivation to help those who stubble or fall prey. Maybe once these companies are tried and convicted, they might be forced to make amends of some sort. Seriously though, I’m not holding my breath on that one. There will be so many lawsuits to deal with and no doubt they’ll find a way to get out of it!!! Makes my blood boil!

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