Free naloxone kits are available in Ontario to anyone!

Where to get a Naxalone kit – Government of Ontario

Tragically, there were 3,987 confirmed opioid related deaths in Canada last year. Presumably
92% were accidental!! As a parent or friend of an addict, we know what if feels like to be a
bystander to impending tragedy. We watch as our loved ones take unfathomable risks to satisfy
their insatiable cravings. We know, all too well, the feelings of helplessness and dread.

  • Reports of overdoses at parties where a call for help is delayed for fear of consequences from
    police or parents are devastatingly typical.
  • Reports of overdoses at home are chillingly frequent!

Providing vulnerable addicts with the means to save their lives is something you can do. It’s not
unusual for addicts to be so overwhelmed with shame and self-hate that they become literally
immobilized. Their thoughts become increasingly bleak and the world appears unwelcoming at
best. Sadly, the addict, though aware of their dangerous situation, is often unable to move
forward until they experience a life-threatening event. This is the sad reality and there’s not
much we can do but be prepared when they finally come for help.

If you suspect that your child is using drugs don’t bury your head in the sand and rely solely on
wishful thinking. Let your child know that they can come to you for help. Throw them a lifeline,
give them a tool that might save their life.

If you’re have a party where you know opioids are being consumed have a naloxone kit on
hand. It could make all the difference to someone and their family.

If you’re an opioid addict carry a naloxone kit.


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