Your head is spinning, you’re experiencing debilitating exhaustion, and you feel an
overwhelming sense of dread. You need a kick start! Meditation is essential to recovering your
equilibrium. You might be thinking that meditation is just some new-age mumbo jumbo and
you can’t imagine it working for you but now you’re being asked to reconsider your
preconception. Meditation is actually a personal practice that can take many forms. It’s
practiced by religious people who call it prayer, musicians who call it play, or athletes who call it
training. Basically, meditation is any technique that helps your mind to focus and direct
thoughts. It’s a practice that reduces stress, controls anxiety, increases self-awareness,
improves attention span, improves sleep, controls pain, and best of all you can do it anywhere
and anytime.

The act of meditating is an essential skill when it comes to addiction recovery. Techniques,
though varied, result in the same outcome. For some, meditation is sitting cross-legged in an
incense filled room chanting OM and for others it might be immersing themselves in classical
music, a walk in the woods, a run, a ride, or just a long soak in the bathtub. The ability to gather
your thoughts and focus your mind can be learned and practiced by us all. Meditation reduces
stress, improves your sleep and increases your focus. Meditation is a tool that gives you the
presence of mind to develop the determination that you’re going to need to maintain your
sobriety and emotional balance.

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