Being an Addict’s Mom

"I found out within six months that both my sons were addicts and like every other mother, I just wanted to go into bed and never get out. It's just a very, very sad place.” Enabling or supporting what’s the difference? Don’t...

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Finding Your Higher Power, or What?

“For those people who are not Christian but identify with another faith tradition or who identify as a humanist or as an agnostic or atheist, turning our wills and lives over to what seems to be a Supernatural and paternalistic deity is not an option. When...

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Emotional Trauma and Addiction

Emotional Trauma and Addiction. “Opening up to past trauma is difficult, but self-awareness is key to addressing issues that leave us vulnerable. Whatever it is I’m addicted to, or ever have been addicted to, it’s not what it is but what it does – to me, to you, to...

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